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NTS Residential Inside Wiring Insurance is an optional monthly feature that can be added to any new or existing NTS service(s). The Insurance covers the cost to repair and/or replace any damaged or defective wiring and jacks inside the customer’s home that were previously installed by an NTS Technician.

Why do you need it?

Things like everyday wear and tear can cause damage to the wiring and jacks inside your home. The monthly fee you pay for your NTS services (Internet, Phone, Video) does not cover these types of repairs. That means the cost to dispatch a technician to your home, plus the cost of labor and materials, would be your responsibility. With Residential Inside Wiring Insurance, for a low monthly fee, you won’t have to pay for unexpected repairs to your inside wiring or jacks!

What is covered?

  • Cost to repair and/or replace any connected and active wiring and jacks that were installed and/or activated by an NTS Technician.

  • Diagnostic work to determine where theproblem is located.

  • Standard Trip Charge, labor and material cost to send out a technician for issues within the wiring and/or jacks.

How much does it cost?

Less than 25¢ per day! NTS Residential Inside Wiring Insurance costs only $4.99 per month. This low monthly fee will provide you with peace of mind and protection against unexpected repair costs.

Click here for the Inside Wiring Insurance brochure.


NTS is responsible for maintaining its network facilities. The customer is responsible for maintaining and repairing all wiring and jacks inside the customer premises that is used to provide NTS services and all associated equipment (e.g., wifi routers, set top boxes, etc.) that were installed by an NTS Technician. Inside wiring is on your side of the network interface device (NID) or optical network terminal (ONT), up to and including your jacks, that is used to provide NTS services. Residential Inside Wiring Insurance protects NTS residential customers against unexpected charges for repair of inside wiring and jacks. Residential Inside Wiring Insurance does not cover Repair of damage due to natural disasters, floods, acts of God, malicious activity, vandalism, riot or civil disturbance. Effective date of Residential Inside Wiring Insurance for customers who sign up for the service begins for new customers at the time of installation and and for existing customers 30-days after the coverage is added to existing service(s). Contact NTS for details.


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